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Stamping and teepee building

We took a walk to ArtMart this morning after a brekkie of ‘Nate the Great’ (recipe from the books) pancakes and bacon.

I have an urge to make my own stamps so that I can stamp little catseatdogs logos wherever I please. I also want to make a star shaped stamp for making Christmas cards, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

Here is the kit I bought, I haven’t delved into it yet, but I have established that it is not a toy! So anyone who knows anything about using these, feel free to share tips!
I am looking forward to using my stamps, but I am doubting my ability to successfully manufacture one and keep all of my fingers intact. I will be sure to keep you updated!

While we were out, I spotted these Peppermint White Chocolate M&Ms. A couple of bags later, off home to try them. Do I want more or will they be too sweet? Munch munch munch munch munch munch munch munch…..munch munch munch….smell nice..taste…yyuummmm!  I mean, they are horrid, don’t buy them.  Leave them for me.  Ha ha ha ha ha (Evil Edna laugh!)


Home to build a teepee out of uneven lengths of wood, a giant elastic band, some rope and a sheet. It worked! The sun is out and the teepee is up!

Inside, (the house, not the teepee) for a cup of Builders Tea (yes, that’s really what it is called!) and a Tunnocks Tea Cake. I love these, but they are not tea cakes…more like an English s’more.  Biscuit/cookie, marshmallow and chocolate.

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