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What’s in your bag?

In your bag‘ is the photo a day prompt for today. Confession-I thought this was a boring one. How can this be an interesting photo? Where’s the creativity. Well, it may not be an interesting statement of art, but I had a little giggle, or rather a crazy person talking to herself hearty laugh, as I emptied my bag to investigate!


What did I find then?  Here goes, I will start with a list and then decide if I want to explain, defend and anything else in order to justify this hoard.  You will also be pleased to know that I put it all, yes all of it, back into the bag!

E45 lip balm

Yes! carrots tinted lip balm

Neals Yard Lip gloss

Baby Baby lip balm

Good Clean Soap orange lip balm

Creme Brulee Vaseline lip balm tin

L’Occitane Green Tea perfume in a tin

L’Occitane Rose perfume in a tin

Pacific perfume Malibu Lemon Blossom solid perfume

A ladder

A plastic tortoise (not in the photo as I have only just found him in a pocket corner)

A card with a bike on it (from a matching game I think, Bodhi found it on the street!)

Five cards from Bear Nibbles fruit snacks

A Sagittarius horoscope ripped out of a magazine (don’t know the month or the magazine, so I would say it would be best not to take this one to heart too much….)

Two Winnie the Pooh’s in a backpack, one with a mystery key.  These were from those balls you buy from machines for a pound in England.  I bought two expecting different ones, disappointing.

String of vintage wooden beads.

iPhone case – a toddler’s mitten.

Moleskine diary.

Notebook.  Note there is no pen or pencil in my bag!


Lolly from Trader Joe’s for finding the Elephant (do all Trader Joe’s give out lollies to kids for finding cuddly toys or is this a Brentwood thing?)

A blue plastic budgie

Lego Olympic archer.

Amy Pond and Rory figures from Dr Who.

Orange toy traffic cone.

Some change in British money.

A squashed US penny.

Well, in conclusion, I like lip balm, I think solid perfume is a good idea, but store them rather than wear them and I am a walking toy box!  Good to know.

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