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Ten on Saturday the tenth!

We are on the way to Pere Marquette state park. I have my real camera as well as my iPhone, and of course a Milky Way/Mars bar. I always remember the pure joy of a Mars bar on hikes when I was a kid!

Well, we went the wrong way to the park, but a potentially dangerous situation (wrong directions are never pretty, even when confidently spouted out of a phone which answers back) turned good when we stumbled upon Smartt Field where there is a aviation museum of tiny proportions. The Commemorative Air Force, Missouri Wing is a shambolic looking gathering of hangars with impressive planes, including the B25 Mitchell and the 1945 TBM 3, both WWII planes. Spectacularly exciting for the boys in my life! We toured the small airfield and the men who worked there couldn’t have been happier to answer all and any questions.


Saturday 11am, here we were. A happy wrong turn indeed!


I think Bodhi has this on his birthday list….

This however, is not on mine, but it made me smile!

On to the State park. It has been a fabulous weather day, sunny and warm, t shirts and shorts all round. November, bit wierd, but not complaining, it is supposed to rain and get cold again tomorrow.

A trail marked with red hearts must be a good one! Turned out to be mainly leafy like the rest, but downhill which was good.



Of course I had to find a bunch of funghi to photo! These little beauties were hiding by the path, so I hopped over to snap them.


Off to find the Piasa Bird on the way home (the correct route this time!). The Piasa bird being a petroglyph painted by the Illini native Americans. I think this is a replica image painted at a later date using descriptions of the original by early explorers like Father Jacques Marquette (yep, he of the park) in 1673. Legend has it that the Piasa bird is ‘the bird that devours men’. He is a little bit scary, but not real. Right?



The Mississippi looks like the sea! All blue and sunsetty.

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