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Beady Heart

For the photo a day, today’s was ‘A Favourite Thing’. I took a picture of a beaded heart at its beginning.

I love to make jewelry  and it is exciting when someone buys one of my pieces and then I see them wearing it! Today my making focus is all over the place. I am washing, putting pots away, making a coffee, checking Twitter… and on it goes.
I do like the whole social media merry-go-round, but boy, sometimes I wonder whether I need to duct tape myself on or just leap off and hope I hit some soft grass.
I don’t like to post the same darn thing on every site, because I think that is boring and apparently I like to make more work for myself.  So I flit about on my little iPhone,  posting a photo,  writing a short sentence on a short sentence site,  or messing about with photo finishes so that the aforementioned photo is an interesting one.
Then I feel that I really should be making something, because hey, that is why I am here n’est pas?
So, I am going to take a photo of my nearly finished heart, maybe put an enlightening finish on it, maybe not and then I will share!


Here is the nearly done little heart, I am loving it and can’t wait to see it done, so that I can show it off!

Now it is 2.35pm, time to go to get the boys from school via the library to collect some lovely story books.

I am having a quick listen to the new Bat for Lashes CD which is my latest love, now I am out the door…..

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