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Happy on the Trail!

Seven o clock  on  Sunday morning, first stop was to photo these frosty leaves – I just can’t walk about without spotting things to photograph, even in the freezing cold!
I was on my way to meet my friends to go and run at Castlewood State Park. I have hiked there before and admired the runners hopping about like mountain goats, but I have never run a trail with rocks, leaves, mud, a creek, 300 steps and a giant hill.   This was going to be my mountain goat moment.

At the beginning of the chilly trail, I had my water, gloves and Stinger honey gel (yes, I was feeling that unsure of my legs that I equipped myself with energy gel). Ready to hop skip jump and run six lovely tree filled miles.


One of the best runs I have done. No pressure, stay upright, one foot in front of the  other and keep going, my usual running rules.   About those 300 steps, I walked them!  Check out the view from the top.
Of course I had my phone, you never know when a misty view will come along and need photographing!

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