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October 2012 Photo A Day

Day 1. Where You Stood. Chilly out, wet footprints on a skateboard ramp destined for the tri city yard sale on Saturday.

Day 2. Lunch. Miso soup with pot stickers. This is something I will often have for lunch, but I did plan a little bit around the daily photo for this one. Check the chopsticks! I ate the soup with a spoon….

Day3. This happened today. I went to Trader Joes for pumpkin bread ingredients and to Target for socks for Bodhi and parchment paper.

Day 4. What you read. I have either read these today, am reading them or am going to read them for bedtime stories.  ‘Mary Poppins’ is our bedtime read. You ‘Wouldn’t Want to be a World War II Pilot’ was last nights read, it is quite informative!

Day 5. Shadow. Drink anyone? I took this on the iPhone 4 camera, added 1962 in Camera Bag, then into Camera+ to add clarity and color dodge. Love playing with photo apps!

Day 6. I’m thankful for.   Amazing yard sale finds like this little guy.  Twenty five cents, thanks very much!  Vintage penguin toy with a weight in his base so he wobbles.

Day 7.  Light.  Pumpkin selecting at Thies farm pumpkin patch today. The boys spent the whole time in a hay bale maze! I took lots of  blue and orange photos. Oh, and these pumpkins were not light!

Day 8. Angle. I was wondering about what to do for this one, when a piece of math project flew out of Bodhi’s bag!  Red tri – angle.

Day 9. Red. A selection of red cars and trucks we own!

Day 10. Emotion. My friend’s skelly-bob looks fed up since he lost his arm!

Day 11. Close up. New necklace I just made.  Silk cord and pearls and beads, pretty.

Day 12. On the table. Work in progress.  Making and reading and learning.  Always.

Day 13.  Landscape. This was the landscape from my bootcamp class this morning. The High school track and football field.

Day 14. Makes you laugh. Bought this hat yesterday for Bodhi and it cracks me up every time he puts it on! Rrrrraaaaaaaagggghhhhhh

Day 15. Dinnertime. Class at the Y this afternoon meant no thinking or prep time, easy peasy from Trader Joe’s it is then.

Day 16. Something you wrote. The diary I keep for the boys. Every year since Max was born, I have had a page per day diary to record stuff the boys do, watch, play with, say, read, draw and anything else. It is only looking back over 11 years of diaries that I realize what I had forgotten. Birthday gifts and parties to silly statements, all worth recording.

Day 17. Fruit. Applepear

Day 18. Made you smile today. These skellys always make me smile, especially the headless dude!

20121019-195921.jpg Day 19. Letters. We found this vintage ‘Ponds’ jar  buried in the woods. Could it be from the 1920’s?

Day 20. 4 o clock. We passed this chair on the way back from the library today at 4 o clock.

Day 21. Calm

Day 22. In your town.  I cross this bridge at the park nearly everyday, the green wood and the leaves are a great colour combination.

Day 23. The view from here. Under my umbrella leaving the Y in the warm rain.

Day 24. Weather. Warm October day in the 80’s. Windy with pretty clouds.

Day 25. People.  These guys are my people!

Day 26 Listening to.  Kids on the bus going to the zoo and science centre for a school field trip.

Day 27 Morning.  This was the morning after the YMCA Halloween party, stories, popcorn and pumpkins.

Day 28. Looking back.  Behind me are these creepy gravestones hanging on the doorframe.

Day 29. Moon.  Full moon through the tree.

Day 30. Clothes. Warm clothes for the morning walk to school.

Day 31. Whatever you please. Witches finger cookies for Halloween.

Another month flashes by and November is upon us.  If you want to do the photo a day themes, they are here.  Come and play, it makes a great record of each month!  I can’t wait to get a year in photos.  Mine are on Twitter and Instagram (follow me at Clareed) if you want to follow every day and add yours!

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