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Pumpkin carving debut

Confession time. I have never carved a pumpkin… I may have done the face bit before, but never the whole top off, pumpkin guts out bit.  Out came the knives, I lopped off the top.  We scraped and pulled out the seeds and flesh.  Lots of pumpkin for soup here.


The orange inside glows with bright, insides smell sweet and fresh and shout ‘I want to be soup’.

It is hollow and sounds empty,  in need of it’s Halloween look.



Once the soup ingredients have been scraped and persuaded out, squash four cloves of garlic, cook for a minute or two in oil, add pumpkin flesh, stir to introduce the garlic to the pumpkin.

Add enough stock to cover and boil until the pumpkin is cooked.  Stir the juice and zest of a lemon.  Smell to taste.

Blend until smooth and eat with the most amazing bread you can make or find.


Out come the markers and the face is drawn on then sliced into shape.  Eyes and teeth pop out willingly.  Orange glows right out.


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