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Spooky Haunted House craft for Halloween


Second Grade Halloween party is coming up and I am going to have them make  haunted houses as the craft section of the party.  I still haven’t decided on the snack section, but I am sure there will be plenty of sugar and scary food colours!

Want to make a spooky haunted house?  Here’s how.

Spooky Haunted House ingredients

tall juice or milk carton                                                                                                         construction paper or any paper you like                                                                                                                stickers or sticky paper to draw on and cut out                                                                 scissors                                                                                                                                                  glue                                                                                                                                                   pens and crayons                                                                                                                     paint or spray paint

The first stage is wash out the carton and cut off the bottom to whatever height you want your house.

Glue the top shut, so that you have a roof shape.  It is easier to glue and then clip the top shut until it is dry.  If you have a juice carton with a spout, hurrah, no gluing needed and you have a ready made chimney!

Then paint the carton or cover it in paper.  If I didn’t have 16 to do, I would most likely take the paper route as paint needs at least two layers on the strange plastic-y texture of the cartons.


This carton has one layer on so far, once it has another coat, you can’t see the orange juice history through the paint.

When the paint has dried, you can add stickers and make windows and doors out of paper,  cut them out and stick them on.  I have some white sticky back paper which I drew on, then cut that out and stuck them on. Easy Peasy.

I got a bucket of crazy Halloween character stickers from Michael’s Craft shops and used them liberally throughout.  The googly eyes in the window are from Michael’s too.



This house needs a roof.  I coloured a sheet of paper and cut it into strips which I cut notches into for tiles.  I glued them on in layers and worked around the spout which I made into a chimney with the same paper.


When I say ‘I coloured’ what I meant was ‘I scribbled’!



All you need is a few ingredients and a spot of spooky imagination and you can make a whole village of haunted houses from lots of different cartons in all sizes!

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