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Sunny, rainy, windy Sunday

I bought this hat yesterday for Bodhi and it makes me laugh everytime he puts it on, especially like this!
We very happily managed to buy trousers which reach ankles too. So I am feeling a little more prepared for the Autumn and winter now! Of course the boys have no winter boots yet, but as they are virtually growing before my eyes, I am holding out.

I decided I need to make Millionaire Shortbread today which is a complete faff. Nothing difficult about it, but lots of ‘make and cool’ stages, and lots of stirring hot fudgey-ness.   Worth it though! I will now have to freeze it, hide it or tie my hands behind my back to stop myself eating the darn lot! Don’t underestimate, I really could eat the lot! I could, but, I won’t.  Might.

I also make this today, not the pumpkin, the bracelet. Another catseatdogs wrap bracelet/necklace/anklet. I feel I should invent a new jewelry name for them…brecklet?….anklacelet? (worth mentioning here that auto correct thought I wanted to write ‘ankle celery’ there, I quite like that).

These wraps are one of my favourite things to make as they almost develop by themselves, I am never quite sure how the colours, textures and shapes will get along together. I like this one.


After the warm couple of days and a good dousing of rain last night and today, the garlic is peeking out to see what is going on.  We have some garlic in the veggie beds and the boys have some in pots to see who can grow the biggest garlic bulbs!  Have to wait about another 8 months to find out.

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