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Ten on the tenth

It is time for ten photos on the tenth day….of the tenth month, I only just realized that!

Here are todays comings and goings in my neck of the woods.


I made Blueberry muffins for breakfast. No, this is not normal! It is Gary’s birthday today. Unfortunately I didn’t plan well and the muffins were not done in time and everyone had cereal and raced off to school.


Bodhi and I walked to school in the chilly sunshine. The trees were luminous in the sunshine.


My neighbour has great Halloween decorations including this guy! He is also my ‘photo of the day’ which was emotion – I thought he looked a little fed up!


On my street walking home, I spotted lots of leaves with delicate dew on them, so I snapped this one.

Home for coffee and a blueberry muffin.


I made a little pan of beads to make a knotted necklace. Pretty pinks and greys with a hint of amethyst.


I had a request to make a Longhorn choker, so here he is. I think I need to make me one too!


This one is the ‘Hipstmatic’ photo of the day – archive. These drawers were the best I could come up with.




Chocolate cake with salted caramel frosting for Gary’s birthday! Pretty good, if I say so myself!

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