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Blooming and fruiting and growing

The garden is growing! Well the pots and Bodhi’s pumpkins are growing.  The torrential rain and crashing storms last night along with the humid, greenhouse warm air has helped them along no end.

The oven-like summer seemed to stall all growth, but not quite kill it off. The chilli peppers were there, but not in great number.  This month, the plant has not grown any taller but the peppers have multiplied and the flowers pop out daily ready to be metamorphosised into hot red peppers.

The little bell pepper plant is now joining the vegetable fun and is growing some lovely green peppers of it’s own.

Plants I had given up on are springing out in lovely bright flowers  and the pumpkins are pumping up nicely.  I am sure if I sat and watched, the pumpkins would grow before my eyes!


Red red red Geranium in the rain.


Chilli peppers with baby flowers


Beginnings of a Pumpkin


Pumpkin big brother

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