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10 on the 10th

Today being the 10th September, I am taking 10 photos through the day and putting them into a post for today.
No plans, so we will see what evolves.

Noodles left over from take out from Lu Lu’s express for school lunch, in the Thermos.

20120910-102212.jpg Preparing to pogo to school

20120910-102250.jpgPogo’ing to school!

Monday morning of cleaning and washing. Just as I get some beads out to make a little something, I get the e mail which derails me for the near future.
A message from that one of the boys lost his mum this weekend. He is seven. His mum has gone. Forever. I didn’t know her very well, but I saw and talked to her last week and I can’t get her face out of my mind.

20120910-164451.jpgA table full and ready to make a something…

20120910-164536.jpgI made an Ivory and single Red Pearl bracelet and photo’ed it on a vintage Ladybird book. ‘The Ladybird book of Garden Birds’.

20120910-165040.jpg Vintage Ladybird Books

20120910-165140.jpg Pablo

20120910-165243.jpg Photo of the day challenge – day 10, ‘black and white’

20120910-194200.jpg A whole bag of kale ready to be crisped. Kale with the stemmy middle removed, then tossed in olive oil and salt. Bake for 20-25 mins, turning every so often at 350 degrees. If you like, grate a litte bit of Parmesan over it whcn it is hot. Crunch crunch crunch!

20120910-194254.jpg Kale crisps

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