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Here be Dragons..

Up and at ’em this morning, freebie into the Missouri Botanical Gardens and into the Children’s Adventure Garden.  The dragons were a calling so off we went.

Welcome Dragon

We were welcomed by this firey friend.  I can imagine that these sculptures would be a glowing wonder at night-time, but with the sun glinting off them, they are spectacular.

Detail of giant mask

The day was hotter than hot even in the morning, but we hopped between shade and sun and drained the water bottle three times.  The Botanical Gardens is a joy to visit anyway, but the blooming water lilies, ever hungry Koi carp and the wonderful giant lanterns were a treat.

Lotus and reflection

Water Lily in the sunshine

Open Lily

My favourite dragons were the ones made with a massive assortment of white and blue traditional Chinese crockery.  Plates, bowls, big and small were lashed together beautifully to make a fantastic spectacle of a pair of identical dragons.

Dragon eats sprite…

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