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Field Day

My first job today was to plant lots of these windmills all around the paths at school for field day.  I snapped this one before they got a good washing from the rain and storms which were coming.


Windmill before the rain

The day well and truly started with a bang,  a thunder clap actually!  Followed by another and another…

We waited out the big black, party pooping storm and resumed in the afternoon.  By which time it was nice and steamy outside.  Ideal for running around a giant parachute with lots of small energetic children!


Parachute fun

 The kids ran races, threw baseballs for all they were worth, jumped long and high.  Ribbons were won and faces were red and everyone had a grand old time!


‘We are Family’ 


Probably the only shirt which is worn to be drawn and written on!


Field day and all of it’s celebration, in a cardboard box

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