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Squeezing the Lego

Bargains to be had at the Mid County Y this morning at their garage sale. We came away with a box of ‘house building’ Lego with a few random mini toy animals thrown in there! Lego is a rarity at yard or garage sales so I handed over my $5 and snaffled the goods.
We now have a higgledy piggledy Lego house with garden and picket fence on the dining table.

Onto the opening of ‘Five Below’ to get some ‘series 7’ Lego mini figures. Max has been eyeing them through the soon to be open store window for a week or so now.
Today was the day to park ourselves in front of the shelf stuffed with all manner of ‘mystery’ bags of Lego, Playmobil and Squinkies to name but a few. All of which are waiting to disappoint and infuriate as your kid gets the one he absolutely doesn’t want!
I am highly trained in the vague but essential art of feeling the itsy bitsy bags of bricks and accessories. Decide which figure your heart desires and start grabbing one bag at at time and squish and squash until you find a distinctive helmet or sword or even the hair or skirt.  Always check for the skirt – unless you want a full blown tissy when your son opens up the bride figure!                               We managed to find some we wanted and left happy to get a hotdog for 5 cents one the way out!

Bunny, Hippy, Galaxy Patrol, Dark Knight and Aztec


Raspberry M&M and white chocolate chip cookies


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