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I like to tidy…

Firstly, stop snorting at my title!  I know, I am no neat freak, but I do like to tidy and stand back to admire my work for the 10 minutes that it lasts.

Today was a ‘clear the floor to vacuum and swap the toys around’ day.  So, Playmobil went downstairs, car track came up. Lego and Megabloks Halo are the permanent fixtures of the moment, so they just need containing. Lots of close staring at each piece to see if it is Lego or MegaBloks is involved.

A newly cleared surface was declared perfect for a Lego base by Max.  I love that my kids gaze at a recently cleared area as though it was never there before. Even though it did always exist under a tangled pile of Star Wars Lego dudes and their myriad of accessories.



Raspberry Dark Chocolate M&Ms

On a very exciting note, I discovered Raspberry M&Ms today and yummy little devils they are. Positively crying out to be thrown into a cookie!

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