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Get Messy Season of Connections. Week Three.


The season of connections over in the Get Messy art journal community is in full swing and I am really enjoying it.

I suppose I do use things with connections to me in my journal just by the nature of the fact that I chose it or chose to draw or paint it, but I am more and more fascinated by this as I fill this journal.

For this spread I painted and sprayed and splattered the pianola paper to get started.  When I was merrily slapping paint around, I didn’t have a plan for it, I was just making some background paper.

Once I saw the tutorial on the Get Messy blog which covered mixed media self portraits, I thought I would give it a go.

I grabbed a handful of library cards (I work at the library, so there is that connection) and painted some self portraits on each one.  I do these very quickly with no sketch or outline, so they are all different even though they are painted from only a couple of hasty selfies!

The pianola paper was folded into an accordion and the portraits along with some collage were added.  I drew some frames and stuck the whole thing into my journal onto a map page with Nottingham on, which is where I went to college way back when.  See, connections everywhere!

I really liked that the pianola roll had the words to the song on it and the line on the piece I had used is ‘I am a girl and by me that’s great!’ Perfect.





Happy Creating and Happy Thursday x


Get Messy Season of Connections. Week 2.

I have been exploring connections of all kinds in my art journal this past two weeks since the Season of Connections started over at Get Messy.

Once I started thinking about it, connections are everywhere, physical and abstract.

I have a strong connection to nature, so there is usually a botanical theme to my journal somewhere.  It may be flower shapes or organic leaves or a landscape or two.

So far in this journal I have printed leaves with my gelli plate onto dry wax paper and stuck them in, I have stitched leaves and painted them with watered down sumi ink.

A completely random connection appeared when I printed a leave on a page from an old dictionary and when I tore it up to stick down, I noticed that I had printed on a page which had ‘folk dance’ at the top. This is an immediate connection to my maternal grandparents who used to take me folk dancing when I was a kid.  I loved it and have very fond memories of folk dancing with my grandparents, listening to the caller who told us all what to do, where to be and when to change partners!

I also made some inky watery leaves which I think are the beginning of a page but I may leave them be.  I have a feeling that I will start lots of pages and then come back and make more connections on them and between them.

At the end of the season these pages may be completely different! Or not.  Only time and connections will tell.






What are you creating?  Are you filling a sketchbook or an art journal?  Do tell!

Happy Thursday x

My collections. Cigarette and tea cards.


When I was a teenager my grandma gave me a ‘British Home Stores’ (now closed down all stores, but I think they are still online) plastic bag full of small cards saved from cigarette packets and tea boxes over the years.

The cards were given away in cigarette packets, tobacco tins and boxes of tea. My grandma kept all of the cards she collected and I am pleased she did because I am the happy owner of our collection now.

Because  I was a cool teen, I put them under my bed where they stayed for many years maybe until I left home to go to college.  I fished them out, sorted them into collections and stored them in vintage wooden boxes left to me by my other grandma and great gran.

When I was a poor student I took them to be evaluated and maybe sell them, the dealer offered me five pounds and thankfully I wasn’t that desperate to sell them, so I didn’t.


I am so pleased I didn’t part with them on that skint day because they are such a treasure.  They are not likely to make me rich (I am sure they are worth more than a fiver though) but they are rich in memories and I love to look through them all.

Sometimes I use them to make cards or in art journal spreads but always a photocopy!


I don’t have any complete collections but I have cards featuring – Famous Jockeys, Transport through the Ages, Famous People, Sporting Personalities, The Sea-our other world, Champions of Screen and Stage, Tarzan, Inventors and Inventions, Flags and Emblems of the World, Portraits of Famous Stars and Film Partners.

My favorite collections are ‘Film Stars’ and ‘Inventors and Inventions’ which covers everyone from Edwin Land who invented the Polaroid camera to the invention of the hearing aid.

Do you have any collections you love now, but not so much when you started them or received them?

Happy collecting and happy Wednesday x


Weekly Photos 2017. 39/52






1. One of the first pages in my new art journal. Just the beginning, or is it done?  We shall see if I add any more to it.  I think I will.

2. I found a fabulous black acorn in the woods, there are hundreds of acorns on the woodland floor but only this black one.

3. Teeny tiny white mushrooms growing precariously on a thin twig.

4. A dead tree against a white wall, I like the shapes!

5. We went digging in the woods this weekend and found a couple of marbles (hurrah!) and half a bowl.

Happy Monday x


Get Messy Art Journal. Season of Connections Week 1.


The new season over at the Get Messy Art Journal community has just started and I have gracefully dived in headfirst. Today I have had nothing but ideas pouring out of my brain. I am not kidding when I say I am surrounded by index cards and scraps of paper with notes on them!


I had no intentions of gathering a pile of supplies together, but it organically happened so I didn’t argue. I may stick with them to make the first pages only, or I may use this base ‘kit’ through the whole season.

I have some vintage threads to sew photos and other ephemra into my journal along with some needles which are equally vintage. I like the idea of sewing stuff down and I have already done some machine stitching in my book, inspired by the wonderful Vanessa at Dans Mon Crâne.


I love vintage thread spools for the thread and the graphics on top of the wooden spool!


I made a new journal for this season and this one is a whopper at 18 inches tall! It is made in the ‘dos-à-dos’ style so it has two books in one. Inside it has watercolor paper, atlas paper and kraft paper.


Another supply I picked is Paynes Grey (in any) paint which I used to make these watercolor swatches (the paint pictured is acrylic, because my watercolor tube is teeny tiny!) I intend tearing these swatches and maybe stitching them in somewhere.


For the season of connections, how perfect are stamps!  I have a box of old stamps from an estate sale so I fished about until I got the dark blue ones to go with the Paynes grey.

For a pop of colour and also a connection to a lovely friend, I have gathered some copies of vintage cigarette cards to scatter about.  These are also a connection to my grandma who gave me her collection of cigarette cards when I was a teenager.

The first photo of an old National Geographic also has some vintage photos, a recipe card and a library card.  All connections waiting for me to explore and use.

I have started some pages in my journal but not completed any yet, so I am off to grab some paint and get going!

Happy Thursday x

Daily Moleskine 2017. September Pages.


Another month flies by and here we are in October.  The weather is just starting to cool off and Autumn temps are on the horizon here in the mid west.  I completed my September pages in my daily Moleskine planner and the book is looking very full!

I am really enjoying how these small art pages reflect what I am doing or learning and what is influencing me at the time.

I love to see the variety of colours I use and what techniques I go back to time and time again.















This past month I have used blind contour drawings, gelli plate prints directly into my Moleskine, a list of new paint colours, vintage National Geographic pictures, inky moons and dried flowers and petals.

Lots to do and lots to see, I am looking forward to what October will bring to my ‘arted’ days!

Happy Wednesday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 39/52









1. Shadow of one of the ferns I used to make prints with this week.

2. A mini collection of bits and bobs, including matchboxes, gummed stickers and vintage index cards.

3. Getting ready to photo the prints for a blog post, blu tac and camera at the ready!

4. A circle print on one of the aforementioned index cards.

5. We went for a hike this weekend at Rockwoods Reservation and enjoyed the cooler weather.

6. Sign on the trail.

7. Looking up.

8. Lots of steps!

Happy Monday x