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Weekly Photos 2017. 12/52.








1. I have been enjoying painting with ink and a sumi brush, using vintage photos as inspiration in my daily painting sketchbook.

2. The archery club hut on Forest Park.

3. A member of the mounted police department.

4. The back of the hut.  I love the colour!

5. Don’t be afraid of the T-Rex, but don’t climb on him or feed him.

6. An abandoned painting station.

7. The planetarium at the St Louis Science Centre is the same colour as the sky.

Happy Monday x


The 100 Day Project 2017. 100 Days of Creative Ideas.


The 100 Day Project is almost upon us for 2017 and I am looking forward to participating again this year.

To achieve a hundred days of anything in a straight line is a marvelous thing and it is a proud moment when you are done and you have the body of work finished.

In previous years I have made 100 mandalas and 100 altered cards and thoroughly enjoyed them both.

This year I am going to write and sketch 100 creative ideas and I will be logging them onto Instagram under the hashtag #100daysofcreativeideas.

I had to deliberate over how to present the ideas (when I come up with them!).  Options were – a sketchbook with 100 pages to work on, a handmade book which I could make with 100 pages or individual cards of some description.

In the end I decided to use 100 vintage book order cards I found at an estate sale in an old school here in St Louis.  I counted to make sure there were 100 cards and they are now put to one side all ready to begin 100 ideas on April 4th 2017.


Are you doing The 100 Day Project this year?  Have you done it before?  How did it go? Feel free to share your hashtag so that I can follow along.

Happy Thursday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 11/52








1.  Once the snow stopped early last week, we were out treasure hunting and found among others, this old ink bottle.  A week later, today is 90 degrees!

2. On a different hunt we found some smaller bits and bobs like this tiny metal tennis racquet, a 1939 penny and a good luck token.

3.  At the weekend we went to a rather fabulous estate sale at an old school in the Central West End neighborhood of St Louis.

4.  It was like they shut the doors in 1973 and walked away!

5. I wish they had nooks like this at my school.  I didn’t buy the $3.00 cushion! I will be writing a post later this week detailing what I did buy.

6. We found this pretty lady’s head in the dirt.

7. The haul from a day’s digging in the dirt.  Lots of bottles and jars dating from the 1930’s and 40’s we think. Yes, that is a spoon with a broken glass eye on it….eek!

Isn’t it amazing what you find when you look carefully!

Happy Monday x


I have a List of Books I want to Read.


I can’t keep up with all the books I want to read, I am currently reading ‘The One in a Million Boy’ by Monica Wood and enjoying it, it is not totally gripping to be honest, but I am intrigued to see how it ends.  I intend finishing it, but other books I really really want to read keep arriving at the library and I have to keep passing them by to finish my slow read of ‘The One in a Million Boy’.

I need to learn speed reading!

Here are some of the books I am very keen to get stuck into, it is a good years worth of reading for me because I am not a fast reader. I wonder how many I will finish and how many I will desert after fifty pages?

Harmless Like You sounds like a fascinating read about an artist in New York from Japan with lots of story and interesting stuff going on.

Lincoln in the Bardo I want to read this because it sounds completely bizarre. Ghost story and historic novel, neither usually on my list of reads but this just sounds so good!

The Woman Next Door This books sounds like a hoot, women who are neighbors and who don’t get on.  This is going to be my holiday book, which means I will have to buy it as I never ever take a library book on holiday!

Imagine me Gone A multi character led book  which hopefully will be more interesting than depressing, I feel it could go either way.

The Stranger in the Woods The only non fiction on my list about a man who lives as a hermit in Maine.  Usually I will dip in and out of a non fiction book, but this one I want to read like a novel.

Beartown I am only considering this book because I have loved most of the author’s other books.  Not in a million years would I choose a book about ice hockey, but I have faith in Fredrik Backman!

The Women in the Castle  Doesn’t sound like a book I would normally pick up, it is a historic novel set at the end of World War II about three women and their stories which all sound fascinating.

Do you have a list of ‘to reads’?

Happy Thursday x


Weekly Photos 2017. 10/52









1. Look up.  A bare tree on the trail.  In no time it will be full of leaves.

2. Our little Star Magnolia tree flowered very early.

3. I found some flowers while walking the dog and popped them in a jar of water.

4. I made a mini journal this week and filled it in one day!

5. Looking up at the old firehouse steps.

6. Snowy woods following the very small amount of snow we had all been preparing for!

7. Snow and tree rings.

8. I was dragged out bottle hunting and we scored a haul!  Some are from the 1930’s and 50’s.  I find it amazing that these bottles have been buried for so many years.

Happy Spring Break and Happy Monday x



Get Messy Art Journal. Art 101. Week Five.



Half magazine and half drawing.


Ten Daffodils.


Go with the flow, gestural yoga drawings.


All I needed for this week’s art journal pages  was this simple folded journal and the ideas from the Get Messy Art Journal members blog. I had other plans for journal pages but I was completely smitten by this journal idea and wanted to fill it up (yes I know it only has a handful of pages!!).

To make the journal, I used a page from the giant dictionary I bought a couple of weeks ago at an estate sale.  I like that it has pictures in with the print of the dictionary and I didn’t deliberately pick the page with ‘positive’, but I am pleased I ended up with it.  To be honest I pulled this page because I liked the Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish illustration which is on the daffodil page.

This was a fun project and I have a full journal!

Happy Thursday x

Taking Stock March 2017


It is a few months since I did a ‘Taking Stock’ post, so here is the first one for 2017.

Inspired by Pip Lincolne of Meet Me at Mikes fame, let’s see where we are and what we are making.

I will include a blank list for you to copy at the end, so you can have a stock take too!

Making : Prints from old 127 film negatives.

Cooking : Roast cauliflower curry for dinner.

Drinking : Frothy coffee.

Reading: One in a Million Boy by Monica Wood.

Wanting: These boots so badly!

Looking: For ideas to join in with The 100 Day Project which starts in April.

Playing: Around with colours in my art journals is the best therapy ever!

Deciding: Which song lyrics or poem to use for today’s sketch for my oracle deck which I am working on along with @otmoraclecards over on Instagram.

Wishing: The weather would make up it’s mind, we have had almost every season in the space of a couple of weeks!

Enjoying: The unseasonably warm weather if I am honest.

Waiting: For my new leggings to come so I can wear them for pilates.

Liking: My new job at the library.

Wondering: If I will ever get organized!

Loving: Collecting lots of things to use in my art journals like vintage stamps and photographs.

Pondering: What to do with the aforementioned stamps and photos.

Considering: Checking out some estate sales this weekend.

Buying: New sunglasses which is always a chore because I never like any!!

Watching: ‘Abstract’ on Netflix.

Hoping: To watch ‘A Man called Ove’ on DVD this week.

Marvelling: At how fast the days go by.

Cringing: At the news (I am sure this is my cringe every time!)

Needing: A hair cut, just a trim.

Questioning: My kids on how much homework they have to do.

Smelling: My neighbor’s Magnolia tree.

Wearing: Trousers and an argyle jumper.

Following: The Jealous Curator and loving the podcasts.

Noticing: The daffodils are flowering in neighborhood gardens.

Knowing: I have a pilates class tonight.

Thinking: About what I am doing in my art journal for this week’s ‘Get Messy Art Journal‘ pages.

Admiring: Everyone who gets up and gets on with it!

Sorting: The stamps I mentioned earlier into colours.

Getting: Ready for potential snow at the weekend.

Bookmarking: All the magazines I am halfway through reading.

Coveting: New Birkenstocks.

Disliking: My lack of dinner planning for the rest of the week.

Opening: Guidebooks for Cape Cod and planning for our summer holiday.

Giggling: At the confession on Simon Mayo’s Drivetime radio show.

Feeling: Full after a coffee, why does coffee make you feel full?

Snacking: On a half price Walnut Whip.

Helping: With books at the library!

Hearing: The dog whining to go outside…

That’s what is happening with me, if you want to take stock with what’s happening with you, here’s a blank list –

Making :

Cooking :

Drinking :







































Happy Wednesday x