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100 days of freeform mandalas 91-100

Hurrah for the completed 100 day project!  I finished a while ago but have only just got around to blogging my triumph. I also just realized that I missed a mandala off these photos, I made number 92 but neglected to include it here.  Ooopsy!

I did enjoy the whole project, but I must admit that I am pleased to be done.

I have made all kinds of mandalas and this project has been in part responsible for my new love for making stamps and some experimenting which went well and some which I  maybe didn’t love.

Will I do it again next year? Most likely, yes!

Happy Monday x



Daily Moleskine 2018 June pages

Lots of sketches and splats of colour in June.  Two weeks of pages were completed while I was on holiday in England so there are some good memories in those pages.

I like ‘Don’t panic’ as I did that page right before we flew to England and I was panicking!  I am an airport panicker, always worried I have forgotten something or something will go wrong!

Also, I like the sunnies which opened June, a pretty bad sketch but it makes me smile anyway.

Are you doing a 365 project?  How’s it going now we are half way through the year?

Happy Tuesday x


Get Messy Season of Story Week 5

For the Season of Story over at the Get Messy Art Journaling community, I made a journal which I love and I am super proud of and then I left it at home when I went on holiday to England for two weeks.  I left it because I didn’t want it to get squashed or damaged or worse, ignored.  All of these things would  most likely have happened to it, so I am pleased I didn’t take it.

However, what also happened was that I didn’t do much of anything in the way of art journaling in my new journal for another couple of weeks afterwards.  It is a chunky little number and it needs to be filled!

This week I saw a bird egg which I decided to paint in order to capture the colour of it, then I searched my old photos for suitable candidates for the season of story.  At the same time I pulled out some old National Geographic magazines which I had recently bought at an estate sale and I began cutting out phrases and words which appealed to me.

The combination of all of these things resulted in the pages you see in this post and my journal is starting to fill up nicely.

I am unashamedly addicted to making found word poems from these old magazines.  I cut out lots of phrases and then put them together to form some poetic nonsense.

It is very therapeutic and I highly recommend it!

Happy Thursday x


100 days of free form mandalas 71-90

One of my mandalas fell by the wayside in England, but here are the rest of 71-90.

I have to confess that I am pretty much out of enthusiasm for the project at this point, even though they don’t take long, I am feeling like I would rather be doing something else.

Having said that, I am not stopping now and I do enjoy seeing them all together.  I can’t wait to lay out all 100 and see them all together.

Have you almost finished your 100 day project?  How has it been?

Happy Monday x



Books and vintage ephemera from my UK trip.

While on a recent trip home to Lincoln in the UK, I marked the calendar to visit an antique market in Castle Square and I wasn’t disappointed.  It was a small but interesting gathering of stalls from local vendors and antique dealers.  Among the wares on sale I spotted a vintage gladstone bag which my teenage goth self would have given her right arm for, I wanted one of those things so badly!  Thirty years on, I left it for someone else.

This typewriter was pretty sweet and I thought a bargain at twenty pounds but it would not have fit in my carry on, so even though it worked, it also was left for another owner.

As cruised the stalls in search of photos and ephemera which would fit into my bag, I found these cigarette cards wrapped in a crabby old elastic band at the bottom of a box of treasures.

These old travel souvenir photo sets were in the same box and I soon had a pile forming!The 1972 London street map and The Observer book of Pond Life sealed the deal.  A fiver for the lot and the stallholder gave me another Observer book for free!  The Lincoln booklets came from the second hand bookshop in the Jews House on the Strait in Lincoln and the  four books full of tea cards were also from the market. Boxes of tea used to come with a small card on a topic like ‘birds’, ‘space’ etc and they could be stuck into books to complete the pages.  Someone had worked hard at drinking all the tea and filled these books!This next batch of books came from the Jews House shop, the market and Oxfam’s book shop in Lincoln.  ‘Ships and the sea’ has some fantastic fold out pages of flags and is from 1936.  The two Greek books are from the 1800’s and I just loved the cover of ‘In Praise of the Lakes’ which was published in 1953.

I will put all of this to good use, even if it sits on my shelf in my old book collection.

I hope that you are finding treasures too!

Happy Wednesday x






100 days of freeform mandalas 61-70

We are in the final straight of the 100 day project and to be honest I keep forgetting which day we are on and if I am keeping up or not. I am pretty much keeping up and I still am not sure what number I am at!

Of this 10, I like the trio of collaged mandalas on the vintage math cards best and I also like working on the small watercolour cards, they are just the right size.  I used the watercolour cards while I was in the UK and they worked really well.  There is one missing and that is the mandala I drew on a coffee cup on the train!

The 100 day project is almost complete and I am enjoying it still and I am very pleased with my pile of freeform mandalas so far.

Happy Monday x


Faces of Lincoln Cathedral

Being back in Lincoln for a visit is such a joy. The weather has been amazing with warm temperatures and blue skies full of fluffy clouds.

I walked up to the cathedral early one morning and explored as many nooks and crannies as I could see.

Looking up and down there are faces everywhere. Gargoyles, figures, statues and animals, all to spot wherever you turn.

These were some of my favourites.

It just shows that if you look carefully you will be rewarded.

Happy Thursday x