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Art Journal Pages. Season of Dreams week 3.

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We are in the Season of Dreams in the Get Messy Art Journaling community and inspired by the wonderful Tanyalee of The Drawing Board, I created these two pages in my journals.

I painted a watercolor wash over some vintage ‘onion paper’ which is very thin paper which is slightly wrinkly but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t completely crinkle when I added the wet paint.

Using this paper I cut out circles and butterfly shapes which I layered over the base pages I had created.

The top page has a loosely painted self portrait with watercolor splashes which I glued the shapes over.

The bottom page is  butterflies glued and layered  along the bottom ‘escaping’ from the darkness of the black gesso.

I used a fine black pen to make some outlines and doodles.

I have some sheets of watercolor wash left to play with, so I wonder what I will do with them!

Happy Friday x





Cabins and Trees Colouring Sheet.



I like to draw colouring pages and sometimes I like to colour them in and usually when I ‘colour’ them I grab my acrylic paints and use my fingers to add some colour to the page, then I might rip some of the page up and add it to my art journal.

I am not your conventional colourer!


I like to be loose with colour over a printed sheet, this one is partly finished and I painted with my brush and with my hands.

If you would like to print and colour the sheet, please click on the image for a printable page.

Don’t forget to share your colouring!  I am going to add my sheet to my art journal and see where that takes me.

Happy colouring and Happy Wednesday x


Weekly Photos 41/52


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1. I painted some loose flowers in my atlas sketchbook.

2. This scarf was an estate sale find and it is a beauty.

3. This frilly funghi appeared one morning this week.

4. Some leaves are turning into their autumnal colours.

5. We spotted a few turtles in the woods this weekend.

6. Many tickets for the Middle School annual chill cook off.

7. These plants appeared on the trail this weekend, they are not there now, so I hope they all went to good homes and that the bucket was left!

8. My youngest has been searching for bottles in the woods all weekend and he has found some very cool bottles from yesteryear. Isn’t it amazing how they are still sitting around 40 and 50 years later?  So now we are researching our finds using the interwebs.

Have a great week!  Happy Monday x


Paint and Ink in my Art Journal.

It is week two in the Season of Dreams from the Get Messy Art Journal community and as well as prompt ideas, we have some great tutorials.

I often mix ink and paint, but these pages use two different ideas which I interpreted using  acrylic with ink pen and watercolor with a Micron Pigma pen.

The first page was a deliberate attempt to finger paint flower shaped images with acrylic paints and when it dried I went into nearly every ‘flower’ with a nib pen and ink to add lots of flowery detail.

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I approached the second page quite differently, the base layer is a very loose array of watercolour blobs in a minimal colour choice.  Once the colour dried I looked into the images in front of me and pulled out any creatures I could imagine.  I used the colour and the negative space to find lots of imaginary dream-like beings. When I was splashing colour around the page, I was not at all sure what I would find to draw, if anything at all. Once I grabbed my pen and looked at the page carefully, there they were, creatures waiting to be drawn.


I already have another page of watercolor creatures waiting for me to find them!

Have a lovely weekend,  happy Friday x

What do I want to do when I grow up…


My teen has a field trip to a career fair this month and it is not the first he has been to, they are very keen on careers and knowing what you want to do when you grow up in this country. Blimey, I am not sure I know what I want to do when I grow up even now, maybe I need to go to a career fair!

I do remember talking to the career advisor at school and getting a print out (on green striped paper with holes down either side) of possible vocations. Milliner was top of my list along with lots of other options I can’t remember.

Pretty specific, milliner.  I am not a hat maker, but I am fully submerged in the art, making and creative aspect of my world.

What about a money making choice though? I would like to follow a path into the world of art and illustrating, maybe stationary, postcards and colouring sheets.  I like to write about all kinds of creativity, doing it, finding it and keeping it nurtured and happy in my life. Maybe I do know what I want to do when I grow up, now I need to do it

Did you know what you wanted to do when you were a kid?  I went to school with a girl who only wanted to work at Marks and Spencer. I wonder if she does?

I read a great post about careers past and present by the fabulous Shani at Rare Pear Studio and it made me think about my previous jobs and what I learnt from them. Anything? Nothing?

I worked as an usher at a theatre when I was a student. This mainly taught me observation skills, checking dates and times on tickets as customers entered the auditorium especially when seats were seemingly ‘double booked’. This happened a lot during pantomime season at Christmas and it was almost always a date or time issue, someone had come to the wrong show time. Check check and double check.

One of the ushers had to be inside the auditorium when the show was on, so we took turns to sit in which made sure I saw nearly every play or performance the wrong way round. Second or third act first! This gave me a very good understanding of plays like those by Mr Shakespeare. I would often see the same half many times before seeing the previous or next installment multiple times before watching the rest of it.  I do prefer to see performances in the correct order now though.

My very first job was delivering the free paper in my village, I was allocated streets and I had to deliver a paper to every single house.  Not American ‘chuck it in the vague vicinity of the yard’ style, oh no, these all had to go into letter boxes, down drives, in doors.  These were my Thursday evenings, on my bike with a ten ton bag full of papers balanced carefully on my shoulder as I cycled around the neighborhood delivering newspapers no-one wanted and trying to dodge the dogs lurking behind garden gates!  Endurance is what I gained from this once a week occupation and good balance and strong shoulders!

My first Saturday job was at Lincoln Box Office where I was told on my first day to always sound like you know what you are talking about even if you don’t, ask for help, but appear confident. If you don’t know, find out!  Fairly sound advice which I have always kept.   I still like to get the good seats for any performance I go to, no willy nilly seat booking from me. Of course free concert posters were always a benefit too!

I even got to chat to Richard Branson when he visited Lincoln and the Box Office, he wanted to know where the music venues were in the city.  Funny thing was, I didn’t even know it was him until later, I thought he looked familiar!  I am still rubbish at spotting famous people!

Did you learn from your first jobs?  Are you doing what you always wanted to? I hope so!

Happy Thursday x

Weekly Photos 40/52








1. There was a gaggle of these mushrooms along the trail this week, they were hidden away in the bushes, but I spotted the bright orange and reached in for a snap.

2. Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken on route 66.

3. A Hardware store with the painted sign on the wall.

4. Pizza night was a success!  Bread dough is like magic!

5-7. Halloween decorations came out this past weekend.

Have a lovely week, happy Monday x

Get Messy Art Journal Pages. Season of Dreams. Week 1.

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Do you remember your dreams? Do you write them down? How about dreaming in colour?

I sometimes remember them but only very vaguely, unless I write them down (often at ridiculous times in the morning). When I write them down I tend to remember more as I write and end up with a garbled page or two of a dream. Then I go back to sleep and try and make sense of my sleep writing when I get up in the morning when more often than not, I have written more than I would have remembered had I not snatched up my notebook at 2am.

The Season of Dreams started this week in the Get Messy Art Journal community. Getting creative in my art journal was not an easy task, the blank page and the blank mind almost stopped me from making any pages at all.  So I decided to look at my dream notes and grab some paints as one of my dreams was full of colours which I had written down.

I usually start with colour especially when I am stuck, so I made a colour swatch page with a couple of sketches.

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To be honest, this didn’t help much even though I like the palette.  The only option was to open  up my sketchbook and jump in, I made a page which really had nothing to do with anything but it did get me going and I made a couple of more relevant pages which I really like.

The page at the top of this post is a very general page incorporating some words from my dreams this week and using the colour palette from the one dream. I liked using the colours and the magazine cuttings which I rarely use.  There is also a gelli plate print which I added more paint to.

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This second page was more dream specific and I used gelli prints here too as well as the colours in the background.

Have you ever looked in a dream dictionary?   Most of my dreams or things in my dreams I couldn’t find in the dictionaries I borrowed from the library, so not many insights for me!

The thing I like most is pulling colours right out of my dreams, I am looking forward to more colorful dreams!

Happy Friday and have a creative weekend x