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Painted paper collage


My new favourite thing is paining block colours onto plain or old book paper, cutting out random shapes and making a collage from them.


I don’t use purples very much so I decided to paint some blocks of colour onto some slightly textured paper (This is Sumi-E painting and sketch paper) overlapping the colours slightly but not particularly deliberately.  Of course I had to throw in some gold and paynes grey.


Once they were super dry, I cut them into shapes and strips of paper. I really love how the overlap and edges of the colour look so effective once they are in shapes.

Then the fun part, sticking the shapes down on a page (in this case, my daily Moleskine). I try and keep a balance of white space and shapes as well as a balance of colour placement. I had swashed some gold over the page already so I stuck the shapes over the gold.

I can’t wait to do this again as I have lots of paper and shapes left.  Maybe next time I will add some doodles over and around the shapes.

I hope you are having a creative day, if you try this, post on Instagram and tag me @catseatdogsmakes!

Happy Friday x

100 Days of Creative Ideas 41-50.


41. Tear a piece of cardboard from a box. Paint a forest of birch trees with white gesso or paint. Add details with a black pen when the white paint is completely dry.

42. Want to try a new technique? Improve on an existing skill? Hop over to the inter-webs and find a video via an artist’s blog or YouTube channel.

43. Look in some books or magazines and find pictures or photographs of buildings. Copy them into your sketchbook. Draw a street or a landmark or a village on a mountainside.

44. What is your favorite colour? Make a sketchbook or a single using only that colour and shades of it. A blue series, how pretty would that be?

45. Make a little single signature sketchbook/notebook. Use some lovely paper and keep it small enough to staple the pages in down the spine.  How about a tiny book?

46. Make a quick (up to a minute) sketch of someone in movement. Maybe a walking figure, how about a yoga pose or a dancer?

47. Listen to The Jealous Curator‘s ‘Art for your ear’ podcast. Summer camp has just started #AFYEcamp. Lots of inspiration in this fab podcast.  Let’s go to camp!

48. Draw a tree stump with all of its lines. Use a real tree or use a photo for reference.  How old is the tree?

49. Write a poem. Make it rhyme or don’t. How about a haiku? Don’t overthink it, write lots.  Here’s mine.

Spend the time on a poem

See how you go.

Start a page in your book,

Watch the words flow.

50. Draw with a kid or a group of kids. Any age, big or small. Let them tell you what to draw!

See all of my 100 day project at 100 Days of Creative ideas over on Instagram.

Happy Wednesday x


Weekly Photos 2017. 20/52








1. Cobweb in the sunlight.

2. Game of Thrones mystery figures were a hit for my 16year old’s birthday!

3. Birthday cake. Chocolate with lots of sprinkles!

4. So I didn’t get my hair cut in the end, but I did have a pale lilac colour.

5.  I love these flowers and bean pods.

6. More flowers.

7. A selection of kitchen utensils at an estate sale this weekend.

Happy Monday x

100 Days of Creative Ideas 31-40


Firstly, a confession.  I must forget some of these cards once I have made them.  On the positive side this makes it a joy to see them together, even ten at a time, I look at them and I think, that’s a good idea!

Nearly half way through the 100 day project and here are ideas 31 – 40.

31. Be on the lookout for images you like in magazines. Cut them out and save for future collage projects or keep them all together in a scrapbook.  Your own look-book.

32.Drop or splatter some plain water onto your page. Mix some watery watercolors and splatter those over the page. It may take a while to dry but the effects can be pretty or dramatic or pretty dramatic!!

33. Paint a black area or the whole page black. Grab a white pen and doodle patterns over the black. If there is any white left, doodle with a black pen for contrast.

34. Find a picture in a magazine and tear or cut it in half. Stick it down and draw in the part you removed. Make it literal or add your own twist.

35. Drip some paint or ink onto the page. Straight away blow hard on it or tip the page left and right and see what formations appear.

36. Shop Goodwill or your local thrift shop like an artist. Look for books to draw in or use the pictures from. Sometimes you might even find art supplies and different papers. How about a nice water holder or a plate to mix colours on?

37. Draw or paint on a rock! Look for nice smooth rocks and make a pile of pretty painted rocks.  Can you find one in the shape of something? A heart or a face?

38. Write down and/or sketch the dream you had last night. Do you remember your dreams? I sometimes do, but not often. Dream in colour?

39. Cover a page with dots. Join some up or join them all up. Did you find a pattern? An image or some shapes?

40. Find a picture of a flower or a real life flower. Have a good look at it. Draw it as simply as you can. Only use the absolutely vital lines.

Are you doing The 100 Day Project?  I hope it is going well!

Happy Thursday x

What do I use from old National Geographic magazines?



Yesterday was a good day at the library, a patron came in and asked to borrow the cart to bring in some National Geographic she wanted to donate.  You know it is going to be a good haul when a cart is needed!

Two trips and over one hundred magazines later, the library was the proud owner of Nat Geos from the early eighties onwards.  As the other librarians were rolling their eyes and getting the recycling bin ready, I was squirreling them away to go through once I had finished my morning’s work.

I sat down in the meeting room for one and a half hours and went through each one looking for photographs and images to use in my art journals.

I don’t tend to pull much from magazines but I found some great images in this little lot.


This was part of a series of historic photos from small towns in Missouri.


This is a portrait of Alice Liddell who was the inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s Alice. Taken in 1872. She looks like a modern girl to me.


How ace is this lady! Adventurous and fabulous.


A collapsible crown, what a genius idea.  Gorgeous, I might draw this crown and use the page too.


The colours on this photo are perfect for an art journal page. I can’t wait to use it.


I pulled this painting out of the magazine because I thought it was beautiful, then I recognized the name of it and realized that it is the painting the book ‘A Piece of the World’ was inspired by.


Two jellyfish from different issues, they look just perfect side by side I think.

These are a few of the images I pulled from the magazines and I am very grateful to the nice lady who dropped them off.  The ones I didn’t rip apart I put in the library free box and by 10am today they had all gone!

Nothing better than finding treasure!

Happy Wednesday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 19/52









1. I found a teeny tiny wasp nest on a leaf.

2. Mushrooms spotted on a dog walk.

3. A heart in a nut shell.

4. Looking up at Lone Elk State Park

5. A mushroom growing out of a tree.

6. The little black dot in the lake is a turtle!

7. I thought this rock looked like a very old man who is a little grumpy.

8. Sign and sky.

Happy Monday x

Get Messy Season of Contrast Week 6

The last week of the Season of Contrast has come around so quickly. There have been so many great ideas through the prompts and tutorials, I have not kept up, but that just means a wealth of ideas for me to try in future pages.




I am new convert (as of a few hours ago) to paper weaving.  The effects are amazing and I am so new to it, most of what I have done so far (see above) came mainly as a surprise.

The process for me is still evolving, but I am loving it so far.  I applied a little planning and then let the papers do the work.

For the weaving I used magazine pages and images, a vintage dictionary page and a 1950’s accounts ledger book as well as a painted page from an old book.

None of it has made it to my journal yet, the ledger will stay as it is and I may add to the page, but it could be finished now in my opinion.

Thanks to Get Messy Art Journal and Ashley for the fabulous tutorial.

Happy Thursday x