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Bag of entertainment for kids big and small


When my boys were younger, I always carried a bag with us whenever we went out for a meal or an appointment or on a train journey.  Ours is a fabric drawstring bag from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, small enough to fit in another bag but big enough to hold plenty of things to do.  An innocent looking bag which contained all I needed to keep the kids occupied and happy while we waited for food or the doctor or travelled on the train or a plane.

Of course there were often phones and iPads involved too, especially on plane journeys, but I always brought the fabric bag as ‘non screen’  back up.

So what is in this magic bag of entertainment? No magical unicorns I am sad to say.

One of the best and simplest things I always had in there were the drawing books, plain paper, lined paper and the mini doodle book.  Enough for one each or we would draw on the same page or take turns adding to a picture.

The mini sticker books are brilliant and super fun, they are small and don’t have many stickers but they are cheap as chips and worth buying a few.  I remember my youngest spending ages with my cousin’s husband making sticker monsters while we waited for a very slow meal to be served when we visited England a few years ago.

There is a single jack in the bag, the rest are somewhere with the ball no doubt!  Portable games like this are great for the park (not so much in a restaurant).

For boys, a handful of cars is never to be sniffed at, they are entertainment for a long time, especially if you can draw a road somewhere and drive them around!

Sadly the entertainment bag is no longer deployed, but I still keep it, just in case!


Do you have a bag of tricks to keep the kids entertained?  What is in there?  What should I have put in mine!?

Happy Wednesday x


Weekly Photos 48/52





1. Frosty leaves.  We have only had a couple of frosty mornings but I am sure that walking the dog will be a slippery experience very soon as ice starts to creep into the picture.

2. A part done art journal spread, I am not sure where this witchy lady came from but I quite like her.

3. Lots of leaves after a rainfall.

4. Funghi and leaves.

I am also doing two photo challenges in December –


December Reflections from Susannah Conway, and


December Vibes from Vanessa and Jules.

These are all happening over on Instagram.  Are you doing photo challenges?  I used to do them everyday but I am putting no pressure on myself with these!

Happy Monday x


A Christmas Colouring Page.

Happy December!  Do you have your tree up? Outside lights? Mincepies in the oven? Or is it still a little early for all of that?

I must admit that we wait until the first or even second weekend of December before decorating.  My son’s birthday is at the beginning of the month so we let him have his birthday before Christmas takes over his celebration!

I am itching to get some mince pies made though and I need to get the Christmas cake baked this weekend.

So before or during all of the Christmas decorating and planning I thought you might like a colouring sheet to relax for a few minutes with.


Click here or on the above image for the printable sheet.

Have fun colouring in my festive friend.  Feel free to share your finished sheets on Instagram and tag me @catseatdogsmakes.

Happy Thursday!

Weekly Photos 47/52








1. We went to a very full, very dusty, very vintage estate sale this week.  True treasure hunting!

2. ‘Fancy work’ box which had a few reels of yarn inside.

3. I didn’t buy much but I did snag this fabulous yo-yo.  I love the colours and the wear on it.  The size is just right too.

4. At the weekend we went to Rockwoods Reservations which is fairly local to St Louis, MO.  This is our favourite trail.

5. The bridge was taken out by a fallen tree so we had to climb down and up the creek bed.

6. Another fallen tree, this one looks as if it has been here a while.

7. Natural finds along the trail.

Happy Monday x


My 47th birthday in 47 words.


Sun. Frosty leaves. Green. Art Supplies. Deep turquoise rivers.  Gold paint. Hiking. Family. Marmite sandwiches. Coffee in a flask. Trees. Hills. Couple of miles. Found an ancient bead (maybe).  Cards. Messages. Gratitude. Blue skies. Polaroid photos. Smiles. Missing bridge – good job the creek was dry. Good times.

Watercolor and ink Christmas card.

baubles2I like to send out Christmas cards which I have made and this year was no exception.

Here’s how I made them.  Watercolor paint in ‘permanent rose’ and white ink (I got mine from our local art store where they mix their own inks – South City Art Supply) is all I used to paint the circles to form the baubles.  img_9189



I painted very wet circles and dropped on a single drop of ink when they were still wet.

Once they were dry, I used a Pigma Micron black pen size 05 to draw in the details.

Then I scanned the whole thing and cropped and added text in Photoshop.  You could also photo your decorations and use an app to add text.  Of course if you have lovely hand lettering skills, you can hand write the lettering.

There is a little video here on my Instagram feed – catseatdogsmakes.

Don’t forget to share if you have a go!

Happy Painting and Happy Wednesday x