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Daily Moleskine 2018. September pages.












I started my September pages with an idea that I would sketch something every day, as you can see that lasted all of five days! The rest of the month is my usual hotch potch of sketching, testing new supplies, magazine cuttings and lots of messing about.

Are you keeping up with a daily practice?  Of any kind.  How is it going?

Happy Thursday x

Sketching in a magazine-entertaining myself during a flight.

I was on the way home to St Louis from Portland on the only direct flight I could find at the time I needed and I had forgotten to check in early so I ended up in the dreaded C boarding group on Southwest, there were 4 people behind and a plane full of people in front of me.  I was not looking for a luxury window or a convenient aisle seat, no, I was looking for a inevitable middle seat but what I was really looking for was one with room to breathe! I spotted it, a seat I could fit in without (hopefully) having to fight the elbows or knees of my fellow travelers.

I plonked myself down and get settled. Phone on airplane mode, what shall I do?  Read my book which I had just bought and was only a few pages in?  Listen to some music or a podcast? Start reading Kinfolk magazine which I had splashed out on just before I left Portland?

While I was in Portland one of my friends had gifted me a new pen which I was keen to try so I somehow got the idea to read Kinfolk and as I read it, sketch in it and jot notes in it. Isn’t it strange how an idea can just come to you and you know it will be a winner! I just knew that this mini project would see me through the journey home.

I read the articles and then sketched or made some marks depending on what I thought I wanted to do on the page.  I didn’t want to draw on this horse so I doodled a few circles.This article was about bird calls so I sketched some birds.  The shelves in the advert got a few additions.Here is a hotel article and I wrote on the next page ‘I bought a sand-wich I won’t eat because I was given all the snacks’!  The airline crew were very generous with the snacks!  I doodled in Mr Dali’s magnifying glass and made a note on the following page about some chocolates I had bought and turned out not to be what I expected.

I learnt about Yugen and bubbles in space.‘Case design’, I know, hilarious.More doodles and some matches.I added to this fashion spread where I felt needed some extra!!! ha

By the time we touched down in stormy STL, I was still only 72 pages in and still not bored!

Thanks to the lovely strangers on the plane for not talking to me and to Kinfolk magazine for an most pleasant flight home!

Happy Tuesday x


Art supplies to go

Tomorrow I fly from the mid-west over to Portland, Oregon and I am a combination of nervous (don’t travel by myself much) and super excited!

I am meeting some of the wonderful ladies from the Get Messy Art Journal community who I have got to know over the inter webs and I am thrilled to be meeting them in person this weekend.

As we are gathering to make art as well as see some of Portland and eat good food, I am taking a selection of art supplies and sketchbooks.

How to decide!?

Airline regulations help somewhat as I am not checking a bag so I have to abide by the liquid/gel rules so I am not taking any acrylic paints or inks.  I am sure I could take a small amount but I don’t want to risk losing them.

So I thought I would make a new watercolour set and team it up with a selection of pens, brushes , a water brush, some Inktense pencils, a glue stick and some hair bobbles!

I stuck to fairly neutral pen and pencil colours – greys, black, white and blues so that I can use the watercolors as my colour option.  I am hoping that by restricting my stuff I will make myself do more sketching and drawing and take my time over them.

My sketchbook is full of hot and cold press watercolour paper and bound in an old children’s book cover.  I also have my trusty mini accordion binder full of a variety of papers.

I started the daily challenge over at Creative Bug this week which is taught by Lisa Congdon and is an ink based daily sketch running alongside Inktober.  Lisa recommended Shizen paper which I had never heard of but after some research, I though looked interesting so I ordered a pile and it is fabulous.  Very textured which I don’t always love but I think I like this paper because it is way more textured than cold press watercolour paper and nice and thick.  It will come as no surprise that I stuffed a handful of Shizen paper into my bag too.

All set!

Now I just have to look forward to getting up at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow morning and be on my way. Don’t ask me what time I have to get up, I don’t want to talk about it! Ha.

Happy Thursday x

What am I going to use for a tiny art journal?

We are in a new season over at the Get Messy Art Journal community and the journal is to be small, nay, tiny.   Always up for a arty challenge I am going to try and do the tiny and see where it takes me (new glasses most likely!).

I am not sure I am going to like working small, but I will do my best and I always have options to use a larger journal if I feel the need!  In fact I am not planning to use a journal in book form at all, I am very drawn to using all kinds of papers, cards and ephemera of a small size for my tiny journaling.

So what are my options? I could use a small journal, lots of brands make perfectly good little journals full of lovely paper.  Or I could branch out and see what I can find and use.

The more I looked the more things I saw that I could use, vintage photos are usually small, paint chip colour samples, tickets, old rolodex cards, playing cards, plain paper cut into circles or tiny sheets, tiny flash cards or a small book which I could alter.

I have decided (for now) to use separate sheets or ephemera pieces for my ‘journal’ (is it still a journal if it is not bound?).  I have some watercolour paper cut up along with my tiny ephemera treasures and I want to try it all!

How about postage stamps? Have I gone too far?!

Happy Monday x



Get Messy Season of Seasons week 7







This week I have embraced more collage in my Get Messy Season of Seasons journal and I have been messing about with spray paint, lace and doilies as I have been creating along with Caylee and Lauren in the Creative Bug daily practice classroom.

I bought a pile of lacy doilies and vintage trimmings at an estate sale this weekend so I could wait to get printing and stenciling with them.

Happy Thursday x


Get Messy Collage time!

This month I have been playing along with Get Messy Art Journal’s Caylee and Lauren over at Creative Bug where they are hosting a fabulous daily class through September.  Each day a video is released with an idea and direction to take inspiration from and make it your own.

This week Lauren used some collage materials on her page in unusual ways so I thought I would have a look through my mountain of vintage National Geographic magazines and see what I could put together!

I started by selecting a pile of ‘background’ images and a pile of ‘character’ or ‘foreground’ images.  I cut out the characters and started to pair them with the backgrounds until I started to find some good matches.  Of course they are far from matching but I like them together, so I call that a match!

I like to use original images so I don’t copy them, I just get right in there, cutting,  ripping and arranging.

To add a little more ‘me’ I did some extra sketching on some pages which was super fun!

All of the collages are in my Season of Seasons altered book and  I like the diagram backgrounds which are already on the pages.

I hope you are having a creative weekend!

Happy Saturday x


Daily Moleskine 2018. August pages

Into August in my daily Moleskine planner where I make some kind of art (sometimes this word is used loosely!).

I am still enjoying faces, mainly this month starting with an acrylic base shape and some ink for the features.  I made a couple of new stamps and mess about with them.  Some stuck in pictures and leaves along with some paint smooshes!

I hope your month has been creative and your year continues in it’s creativity.

Happy Wednesday x