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100 Days of Creative Ideas 11 – 20


The 100 day project started on April 4 and I am still going strong!  My little library of vintage cards with ideas on them is growing nicely.  Here are cards 11-20

11. Go to the library and find a picture book in the children’s section. Pick one with illustrations you love. Sketch some ideas from this book – patterns, creatures, lettering, anything. Pick another book and repeat.

Some of my favorite children’s books for the illustrations are by Lauren Child, Oliver Jeffers, Chris Riddell, ‘Gaston’ by Kelly DiPucchio and illustrated by Christian Robinson and ‘A lion in Paris’ by Beatrice Alemagna. I just discovered the Welcome to the Museum series and ‘Botanicum’ is just gorgeous, so don’t forget to check out the non fiction books too.

12. Take yourself for a walk around your neighbourhood or favorite place.  As you go, notice all the circles and make a note, a sketch or take a photo. How many circles did you spot? Did you notice anything new about your neighbourhood?

13. Give yourself permission, allow yourself to be creative.  Five minutes or a whole hour.  Write, draw, paint, dance, bake, knit, crochet, weave, create.

14. Draw a free form mandala. Start with a circle or basic flower shape and keep adding layers outwards. Use triangles, circles, half circles, stripes, dots. Anything you like. Where will it take you?

15. Make a mini art kit.  Gather some vital supplies in a manageable sized bag or pouch. Be sure to gather bits and bobs to use as you travel and remember to draw, sketch and write in your sketchbook. Create the memories with creativity.

16. Make a drawing of something in one line. Do not take your pen or pencil off the page. No room  to erase, correct mistakes as you go.  In fact don’t even use a pencil, just use a pen!

17. Go for a walk and photo as many flowers and leaves as you can. Grasses and mushrooms too if you see them.  When you get home, sketch your discoveries or write about what you have found.

18. Another day for a walk! This time look at colours and make notes or take photos. When you get home, mix colours to match the ones you have seen and give them names. Be imaginative!

19. Buy some paint in colours you would not usually gravitate towards. Get out your sketchbook and play around with them!

20. Find 5 – 10 blogs you have not read before. Read a couple of posts and maybe leave a nice comment. Blogs are often full of great inspiration.

Follow along daily at 100 days of creative ideas on Instagram.

Happy Wednesday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 16/52








1. Mushrooms hiding in a fallen tree.

2. More mushrooms.

3. Dandelions and dandelion clocks at the park.

4. A lovely blue door spotted this weekend.

5. Ant art!

6. I went to a lecture given by the wonderful Stephen Jones this weekend at the St Louis Art Museum and it was so interesting. I could have listened to him all day.

7. A bridge at Forest Park golf course.

Happy Monday x


Get Messy Season of Contrast, Week 3.


I let this page guide me as I made it and I love how it turned out.  Almost the opposite to last week where I layered and layered, this page has lots of white space left which I like.


I started by making some plain gelli plate prints using the colours I had chosen.  I printed blocks of colour on dry wax paper and old book pages.  Once I had my pages I cut out some shapes as neatly as I could and I tore some shapes to contrast.

I wove the green and aqua torn strips, both of which were on wax paper to make the grid on the right page above.

The aqua circles are torn out and also printed on dry wax paper.


The copper and gold shapes are cut with scissors and were printed on the book paper.



I like to see the pages close up, the gelli plate gives an interesting print even with one or two colours.

Thanks to Get Messy Art Journal and Jules Tea for the inspiration!

Happy Thursday x

100 Days of Creative Ideas. Days 1-10


This year will be my third time at participating in The 100 Day Project and we are at day sixteen already. Having said that, sixteen seems very ‘still at the beginning’.

I am keeping up which is a marvelous thing, I have a little list of ideas which I jot down as they come to me, so that if nothing pops into my mind, I can refer to my idea bank.

If you want to see my project as it emerges day by day, you can follow along on Instagram at 100daysofcreativeideas.

Here are my first ten days of ideas –

1. Take up challenge. A monthly or a daily challenge. Search Instagram, it is full of them. Don’t be discouraged if a ‘challenge’ has finished or is part way through, do it anyway.  The 100 Day Project is a great one.  Other challenges I have done are Tinkersketch drawing challenge, Rae Missingan‘s mark making challenge, Fat Mum Slim hosts a daily photo challenge and Susannah Conway also has lovely photo challenges.

2. Go to the Art Museum or any museum you can get to. As you walk around, sketch all of the eyes you see.  In paintings, photographs, on ceramics, sculptures, anywhere you see an eye! Notice how they vary in expression and emotion and how you sketch that.

3. Make inkblots and make lots!  Drip a few drops of ink or paint onto one half of a sheet of paper. Fold it over and squash the paper down. Open it up to reveal your inkblot.  What do you see?

4. Make some book spine poems.  Choose some of your most lyrical titles, pile them on top of one another until you have a beautiful poem. Go to the library and see what amazing poetry you can make!  This idea was inspired by the fabulous Rebecca Johnstone.

5. Fill a page with dots. Just use the end tip of a marker and dot dot dot. Close together, far apart.  Fill the page or fill part of the page.  Be amazed at the movement you can create just with a bunch of dots!


6. Find an old photo, a family photo, or a random old photo. Write the story about the image and it’s participants. Paint or draw a copy of the photo. Old photos can be found at  thrift stores, antique malls or flea markets. Make up all the details including names and family connections!

7. Make a pattern using the same shape across a page. Use circles, triangles, squares etc. Make them uniform or random. Join them up or overlap them or space them out. Use the same colour or a rainbow of colours. Vary the sizes or keep them all the same. Vary the medium or mix it up. Watercolor with pen, acrylic with collage. All the possibilities!

8. Choose a figure from a magazine, stick them into your sketchbook or journal and give them wings!

9. Draw a page from a magazine or a catalogue.


10. Meet up with a fellow creative, artist, writer, art journaler or a friend who likes to make stuff. Make, paint, knit, write, sketch or create together.  What will you learn from each other?

Happy Creating and Happy Wednesday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 15/52






1. I got a fallen apart book from the library and removed the covers to make a new sketchbook using coptic stitch.  This is the first time I have tried coptic stitch and it took ages!

2. The High school band had a concert this week and they were very good.

3. For Easter morning I made cinnamon buns, this was the night before.  I let them rise in the fridge over night and cooked then in the morning.

4. The finished cinnamon buns.

5. Easter egg hunt (yes, even teens like to hunt for chocolate and they gather them in a planter!) on a wet easter morning.

Happy Monday x

Intuitive Painting – what a process!

Today I tried a new thing in my giant Moleskine art journal which is A3 size and perfect for something like intuitive painting which I haven’t really done before.  I don’t often know where a page is heading when I start and I rarely make layers and layers of paint and techniques.

I am a single layer painting kinda girl, I might draw or collage on top of that layer, but that is more than likely going to be it. The end. Finished page.

So of course I was keen to try some intuitive painting as featured in this week’s Get Messy tutorial.

The main aim is to use lots of colour and supplies and equipment and make layers, all of the layers.

Random is not my top skill, I always end up making things balance or matching the colours or following a pattern even when I think I am not going to.

Part way through the layers for my ‘intuitive’ art journal painting, I thought that maybe I could do a layer of images and a layer of paint and build up that way.  I tried to shoo away that pattern creating thought, as it made me feel a little more in control, but in control is not the idea with this.  I think I managed to follow my intuition and I didn’t follow a pattern as you can see.

Spontaneous – might turn out great might not – that’s the challenge, pushing through the ‘oh my goodness what a mess’ layer.

I started with three colours as a base page and went from there.



Added some stencil.


For this stage, the interference paint didn’t do what I thought it would, in fact it did nothing, just sat there on the page where I had literally dropped it. No amount of water would persuade it to move, I just made my pages wet!  So I stuck my fingers in and circled it about which was better.  Only a couple of layers later I smushed it all in with a crunched up sheet of wax paper because I realized that it was going to take a month of Sundays to dry and needed some help.


A few drops of acrylic ink.


Stamping with a Fanta bottle and acrylic paint!


Not loving that interference paint one little bit…..


By the time I was printing with bubble wrap, the interference paint has all been blended with the other paints with just a couple of drips left.



Lots of white ink blots were created when I dripped ink on one page and folded the other page onto them. I had a little plan to draw into the white, but other ideas took over and I never did.


More prints, this time with a leaf. Some very random leaf prints in copper paint.


Of course I had to add some gold.


More printing, this time with my water jar and white gesso and a couple of finger painted stripes.


I can never resist painting a sumi brush and ink face.


I think I have used nearly every technique in my arsenal on these pages, brush work, printing (with a leaf, a bottle and a jar), blotting, dripping, stenciling and trying out all kinds of brushes and scrapers.

Did I need to add all of these layers to get to the final page? Is this the final page? I think the layers added lots of energy and movement even if most of the layer has been covered by the next.

I don’t know, but I learnt a lot about my process and using different paints and inks together.  Most importantly, I didn’t plan a thing, just went with what I thought would work next.

Thanks Get Messy for another fabulous week in the Season of Contrast.

Happy Thursday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 14/52






1. A dandelion spotted on the trail.

2. Adult craft night at the library, we made pom pom creatures and laughed for an hour!

3. The seedlings on the windowsill are growing nicely.

4. The dogwoods are all blooming and completely gorgeous.

5. A woodland find, 1950’s toothpaste tube!

Happy Monday x