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Sowing all the Seeds.

One good thing about the summer in the MidWest – it is growing time in the garden! To begin the growing process I start plants like tomatoes and chili peppers around now.

I like to browse the seed aisle and pick out some new varieties.  Last year I was not mad about the beefsteak tomatoes I grew, so I went for a smaller size this year along with the always popular mini tomatoes.  I honed my chili needs down and chose just one variety.  Eggplant/aubergines were a surprise success a couple of years ago, so I grabbed some seeds this year and last but not least I picked some cucumber seeds.

Fresh cucumber, tomatoes and some feta cheese is one of my favorite summer dishes, especially when the cukes and toms are off the plant and still warm from the sun.


How could I resist ‘Brad’s Atomic Grape’ tomatoes or ‘Sunrise Bumblebee’ or even ‘Pink Love Apple’?  All of the seeds I chose are from Missouri businesses, so I am hoping that will make them a good choice for my summer garden.

I received a paper pot maker for Christmas and it is the most fabulous thing, little tiny plant pots made from strips of newspaper, perfect for starting seedlings.  Then of course they can be put into the ground or a pot and the pot will bio-degrade into the soil.




Now my little collection of seeds in soil are sitting on my kitchen windowsill soaking in the sunlight.  If you want to check out where I got my seeds, they are from Baker Creek and SeedGeeks.

Grow seeds grow!

Happy Wednesday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 7/52







1. Dormant bush spotted on the way to the shops!

2. I spotted Darth Vader hanging out in Goodwill.

3. My Goodwill haul after a wash.

4. At the park.

5. I loved the pattern on this coffee pot.

6. One of my Valentine roses.

Happy Monday x

Get Messy Art 101 Week Two



Week two of Art 101 and we are messing about with texture.

I worked on one of the pages I started last week and added some texture using a doily to print and then I stuck it down when I had printed with it and it was starting to get soggy!

The second page is a background I made a while ago.  I added some texture to this page and the first page using gold paint and a mesh bag which had lemons in it which had to be emptied out.

I painted on the quote and all done!

‘Enable the chance for something to happen’ – sound advice from Christoph Niemann who is featured on the first episode of ‘Abstract’ on Netflix. I have watched the first three episodes and it is an excellent series about the design process.

If you are interested in the Get Messy Art Journaling community, check out their website and public blog.

Happy Creating and Happy Thursday.

The Grey Journal is about to travel the world.




I have never participated in a traveling journal before, so I did what anyone would and I joined two groups!

This is the first journal and my colour is grey.  How it works is I make a journal and art a couple of spreads inside using greys only.  Then I send it onto the next person in the group and so it continues until eventually it comes back to me full of grey goodness.

We have five artists and we each have a different colour, so I wonder which journal I will get first and what colour it will be?  I like the restriction of only using one colour, it allows me to concentrate on other areas without having to plan a colour palette.

I have used Paynes Grey in the book and it looks blue to me, but I am getting away with it because it is officially called ‘grey’ and it is one of my most favorite colours. Also silver counts as grey right!?

I can’t wait to paint and draw in everyones journals!

Happy Wednesday.

Weekly Photos 2017. 6/52






1. This fungi/ lichen growth on a fallen tree looks ancient!

2. We have been digging for vintage bottles and jars again. In this lot there is a Listerine bottle, a deodorant cream jar and a beauty cream jar.  White milk glass is my favorite, even when it is covered in mud!

3. I have been messing about in my art journal and on old book pages this week.

4. A Metro Link transit advert.

5. I didn’t have time to drink my tea before the gym this weekend, so of course I took it with me!

Happy Monday x


Get Messy Art 101. Week One.





This season of Get Messy Art Journal is all about getting down to the art basics and building  repertoire of techniques and ideas.  The first week was no disappointment, there were tutorials in painting faces and creating backgrounds and lots of mini prompts and ideas pouring out of the Get Messy community!

I put my spin on a background using watercolor and pulled out my trusty gelli plate to add the wishy washy colour to the pages of my sketchbooks and I also printed onto some pages from a vintage typewriting book.

Lots of sketchbooks are essential for me because I always end up starting many pages at the same time and they all need to dry before I carry on to the next layer or page.




I tried various colour palettes and I love these backgrounds.


I added a page to a page and I will continue to layer onto this spread.


These pages started with a self portrait painted on the inside of security envelopes using a sumi brush and black sumi ink.  I prepped the pages with black and white gesso and stuck down the paintings.  Added some doodles and layered some acrylic paint over the pages.

It just goes to show, any paper can be used to make art!

Do you use unconventional papers or supplies?  What is your favorite?

Happy Friday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 5/52








  1. I saw this rather old jar sticking out of the creek bed as I walked through the woods this week. I wonder what was in it all those years ago?
  2. We spotted this bright lichen on a dog walk this week.
  3. Matching funghi.
  4. I photo’d this church against the city scape with a view to drawing it, I haven’t sketched it yet, but I will (honest).
  5. It has not been super cold this week but this ice was impressive.
  6. This bark which has dried out off the tree looks like paper in a very thick book.
  7. We found this jar in the mud, it contained beauty cream in the 1930’s and there it was, intact but missing the lid which I suppose had disintegrated over eighty years.

I hope you had a lovely week, we found lots of stuff which is always an exciting time in our house!

Happy Monday x