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Get Messy Season of Kindness Week 3

I noticed these strands of seeds on the ground when I was walking home from my pilates class this week and picked a few up thinking hey, they would be good to draw.  Yes, this is how my mind works!

I carried them carefully home in my gloved hand in the rain and it turns out that they were a lovely addition to my season of kindness journals.

This season I am making a concerted effort to let myself experiment and do whatever comes to mind in my journals.  If I want to make another journal, I shall, if I want to use the same quote on two pages, no problem.

I don’t often use quotes or words in my journal, but I have had this one from JM Barrie written down ever since I read ‘Wonder‘  to my boys a few years ago and I made a note of it in the diary for future use.

I am very guilty of doing ‘what I think is the correct thing’ sometimes instead of what I really want to do.  Often I will add too many layers to my pages and overcrowd them because that is what I think an art journal page ‘should’ look like.

This season is me being kind to my process and letting my hands get on with it while politely ignoring my sometimes critical brain.

These pages were created pretty quickly using a sumi brush and sumi ink with a little water.  I typed the quotes onto vintage typewriter paper and glued them down.

Get Messy is a very welcoming and active art journaling community (affiliate link) and I love that I am part of it!

Happy Thursday x


Things I am excited about Tuesday.

I hope you like the natty title to this post!!! I was supposed to write it yesterday with the short and to the point ‘Marvellous Monday’ title but blow me down, yesterday came and went and no blog post in sight.  Much as I am tempted to keep the title, I decided to dream up another not so short but still to the point header for today!

What is getting me excited today, well I am glad you asked, because these things are –

Ice cream and sprinkles even though it has been raining for two days straight.

Bitten by Witch Fever is a very inspiring book which I have been drawing (literally in my art journal) all kinds of ideas from.  It had to go back to the library today so sorry no picture, I recommend borrowing it from your library if you can, it is chock full of old wallpaper designs full of detail and colour ideas.

My two art journals for this Get Messy season (affiliate link here,  which means I will get a little commission if you join, but at no charge to you).  I usually make a journal to use for each season but this season I have two because I wanted a big one as well as a cutie small one.

The small ‘meditation’ book was in the library’s free box and the cookbook is the same as one I had growing up in the UK. I saw a copy of it here in the US in a thrift shop for $1.00, so I grabbed it to make into a lovely sketchbook.  My copy is unharmed and full of recipes from Britain in the 1970’s.

These acrylic gouache paints by Holbein Acryla are my current crush, they are so bright and fabulous.  The colour selection is wonderful too,  they pop right off a brown kraft paper background.

Do you get ideas at all times with no warning or method of keeping them before they jump right out of your head forever? I do, all the time and my memory is terrible so I keep a handy Field Notes book close by to record all my moments of genius for future use. They are nice and small so they fit in your bag or pocket for use at a moments notice.

IMG_4653I was turned on to old photo albums by the talented artist Cait Sherwood, this one has very loose innards but a sound cover so I think it will become a sketchbook very soon.  You don’t see them very often in good shape, so I snap them up when I do. Some have photos inside but most don’t.  The inner pages are all cardboard frames which in itself would make an interesting sketchbook.


What have you been getting excited about this Tuesday?  Or any other day for that matter.

Happy Tuesday x



Get Messy Season of Kindness Week 2.



I am enjoying this Get Messy season so far, and working in my little hand made journal is a good place to be.

However, I seem to have started a trend last season when I made a small journal and then I made a big one to give myself more options and ended up filling them both (bear in mind that I don’t put hundreds of pages in my books!).

Following this apparent new tradition, I made another journal this season too!  I really do like to work in different sizes and on different paper when the mood/idea strikes.  For my new book I removed the text block from a children’s cook book and replaced it with hot press watercolour paper and a couple of pages of brown paper from a grocery bag.

The new sketchbook (on the right) is a book I found in a thrift shop and it is the American version of my first cook book when I was a kid in England. I remember making food from it and I loved the cat and dog illustrations.  Very 1970’s!


This next spread was a super fun one, inspired by my creative team pal Sarah.

I started on a gelli printed base page and glued down collaged hearts and shapes, added a splodge of paint and finished with some spray paint through a stencil.



I have also been busy this week making postcards to send to some ace people!

How have you been keeping busy this week?

This post contains affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase I may get a commission which is at no cost to you.  Thank-you.

Happy Thursday x



Get Messy Season of Kindness Week 1.

A new year and a new season for Get Messy!  The kick off season for 2018 is the Season of Kindness which is an ideal start to the year in my opinion.

I made my journal using a vintage book cover and half ‘warm white’ paper and half ‘cream’ paper.  It has six signatures each with four pages and the book is pretty small at 4 inches x 8 inches.

I decided to make the whole season about being kind to myself and my art journaling as I sometimes put pressure on myself to try all the techniques and then I wander off from what I actually want to do.  This journal is going to be full of stuff I want to do and I think it is going to be pretty simple.  I am not an ‘add all the things’ person, so I will be embracing the keep it simple method I like best!

The first page has literally three components, a cut out window, a gelli print on vintage ledger paper and words typed on.

These next pages are made with gelli prints, sketching, vintage National Geographic images and mark making.




The gelli print behind the gargoyles was made with a lump of wood I found in the woods and I liked the way it printed!



The block of wood prints are on the right and the ones on the left are made from a small sawn off log.  I am now on the lookout for more small logs to print from!

This book is pretty small and I am already thinking I might make a big book of watercolour paper to play in!  Sometimes I need my art journaling space to wash and splat that paint around! I am also addicted to making sketchbooks…

Get Messy  is a fabulous community of artists who love to art journal, create and chat, if you are interested to learn more, click here.

This post contains affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase I may get a commission which is at no cost to you.  Thank-you.

Happy Sunday x



A year of colour 2018. January.


I decided that this year I would paint a swatch of colour each day, inspired by an article in The Simple Things magazine and a project by Courtney Cerruti, I cut up some hot press watercolour paper and waited for inspiration to strike!

Sometimes inspiration needs dragging onto the page, but I have not missed a day yet and I like that I already have over 30 colour and a little description to accompany each one.

Already I look over them and smile at my titles, like when I was wrestling with iMovie and I almost got beaten good and proper, when I was walking through the woods in the golden hour and wondering at the light, and even when we had a burst pipe at the library and had to close for a day.  It is all there in one colour swatch for that day.

I wonder what the rest of the year will look like.

Happy Thursday x


Daily Moleskine 2018. January pages.

This year I have my trusty Moleskine planner out again and I am creating a little something each day.

January is done and we are almost a week into February so here is a selection of pages from January.











In these pages, I sketched with ink, pen and paint, used my typewriter on an old photo, made some patterns and practiced drawing crystals.

Are you doing a 365 project? How is it going?

Happy Monday x

My Collections – mini collection in a tin.


This vintage chocolate tin has accumulated stuff I have collected and once it was full, I left it full of treasure. When I was a kid I used to collect cool things in a wooden box and I loved to look through it.  This reminds me of that as I don’t take anything out or add anything but I do like to look through the tin every so often.


There is a pile of postcards ranging from 1912 to the 1970’s, some blank rectangles of cardstock, crystal glass necklaces, a selection of spelling flashcards, a beautiful pink decanter or bottle stop, a heap of old cotton reels, a ball of pink nylon and a pack of playing cards.



These are the snapshots of Llangollen which is a town in Wales where I used to go on holiday with my family as a kid. I think these photos would be from the 1920’s or 30’s as they were taken on the No. 2 Brownie camera.  I love old photos and these are some of the first I bought.


Some old postcards from across the decades! The postcard of the highway cracks me up and on the back it reads ‘Rolling along to school. See you soon Love Marguerite’, this was to Lillie and postmarked 1969.


The sepia card on the bottom right is the one from 1912, and was written to Elsie from Mabel B promising a letter when she has time.  Some things don’t change!

Do you have collections?  How do you store them?

Happy Wednesday x