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Weekend Finds.

I have been a little remiss in writing for a while and I have no rhyme or reason for this, I seemed to grind to a halt in posting the 100 day project this year.  I finished my 100 day Project – 100 days of Creating with Blue and you can find it here on Instagram if you fancy a peek.

This weekend our local antique shop was open for the first 7 days of the month, so today being the first of the month, we went to see what was there.

I found a few things to use in my art which always makes me happy!


No this awl is not broken or worn down, it is a teeny spike! Perfect for bookbinding.  The nib pen is a Esterbrook No. 7 Drawlet dip pen and works very nicely, it is a thick line to write or draw with but very smooth, so no complaints.



I am always on the lookout for doilies to use with the gelli plate, so I thought these were  a good buy at a couple of dollars for all of them.  I am looking forward to printing with them!



This piano music book caught my eye because of it’s sewn binding and sturdy cover, I thought, ‘I can use that as a sketchbook’.  So I bought it and I did use it as a sketchbook, it turned out to be the perfect amount of pages for what I needed.

I did not buy any of this wool, but the colour selection was second to none!  Just look at that colour palette.

So that was my weekend, how has yours been?

Happy Sunday x



Holiday art journal/sketchbook all filled up.

I filled my holiday sketchbook!  I made the sketchbook before I went on holiday at the beginning of June, the post about that is here.

I didn’t put a million pages in because I wanted to be able to fill it and I could have done with a few more to be honest!

On the inside cover I swatched the paints I took and for the inside ephemera I used books I found in the ‘outside’ section of Parnassus books in Yarmouthport, MA.  This is where the less worthy books reside and prices don’t exceed $3.00. Bargain! I bought a 1938 book called Gloucester and Cape Ann for $2.00 and The American Almanac Year-Book Cyclopedia and Atlas for 1903 for $3.00. Both full of pictures I could use.

I also found a tub of vintage photos at the Wellfleet flea market, so I used some of them in my art journal along with stickers and bits and bobs I found along the way.  I even managed to get a print from a crocheted doily I found at the flea market.

Do you use a sketchbook or art journal on holiday?  I like that I have the record I have made no matter how abstract it ends up!

Happy Wednesday x


Get Messy Season of Starting

‘Start where you are’ is my motto for the beginning of this new season over at Get Messy Art. I am on vacation with limited supplies and no book making stuff. So I made a quick trip to the local and historic hardware store and picked up a roll of kraft paper and a three inch wide paintbrush.

How cool is this place!

I unrolled a nice long piece of paper and cut it to size with some mini scissors (that took a minute and I have very ‘organic’ edges) which I then concertina folded and glued between two cut down paper bags. While I squashed this one flat under some heavy books, I carried on to make more books!

I then persuaded some more of the tightly rolled paper to lay flat with a couple of books from the cottage we are staying in. I had three sheets ready to paint on, so I made some marks and brush strokes to get my pages moving in the direction of a mini art journal or three.

Once everything was dry, I made a single sheet book out of each piece of paper, so now I have four books to choose from or why not use all of them!

These three books have a mere eight pages including the covers so I should be able to fill them up!

The little accordion book started to lay flat so I decided to add some paint and collage. I don’t usually fill any pages until I get to them but this book was just asking for some color and marks before I start the Season of Starting. It is quite nice to have a gaggle of handmade books all with a beginning and ready to go. No blank pages just lots of potential.

For more information about Get Messy art, go to

Happy Thursday x

Eventually, I am reading ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’

I am very late to this party, in fact I think I may have arrived in time to sweep the floor, but I am pleased I came because it is so good! People have been recommending this to me literally since it was published and each time I read the synopsis, I have not been moved to read it.

However, now I am a captive audience on holiday with the local library to entertain me, so I grabbed a copy and it is captivating. Each page is crying out to be made into a Wes Anderson movie!

I am only part way in and it is looking like I may finish it before we go home.

The large print was the copy I grabbed but I don’t mind because I am a secret member of the ‘I love large print’ club!

Happy Thursday x

Wellfleet flea market finds

Wellfleet flea market is a staple whenever we visit Cape Cod and this year is no exception. Last Sunday was a $1 entry day which usually means there are not many stalls, but the showing was small but mighty.

Lots of vintage sold from tables in front of vans and cars by characters full of stories and information.

I bought the Birds of America book with the intention of chopping it up but I see copies in my future as it is such a lovely book. I snagged the whole box of vintage photos plus a couple of postcards for $12.

The mini awl and scissors may not make it back through the airport, but I will cross my fingers.

How cool will those lace gloves be if I print them using the gelli plate?

I have tested the nib pen and it still writes well even though it must have been a school pen (it has ‘public schools’ embossed on it). It is neglected and the nib is well used but I will enjoy using it to sketch and write.

Pocket Othello is from 1977 and we enjoy the regular sized game so for $1 I wasn’t going to turn down the pocket version!

I love to find treasures and as usual the Cape does not disappoint.

Happy Tuesday x

A New Sketchbook for my Holiday.

I am going on holiday soon and as usual I have to have a sketchbook ready and waiting, preferably one I have made specially.

So I squirreled about in my old book stash and Enid Blyton’s ‘Five Run away Together’ popped out as bring just the size and thickness I needed.  I got this book from the library sale cart for nostalgia reasons although I never really liked the Famous Five, I thought the Secret Seven were way cooler!

I removed the book block and kept a few illustrations for future art journaling use and added my own pages. These consist of watercolor paper and a few images from an old book of photographs. I used clear gesso on the photo pages so that I can add marks or paint when I am filling the book.

Some pages are smaller, others fold out and I included a mini accordion page because I love to work on fold out pages of all varieties.

I am hoping to find some book paper while on holiday so that I can add some ephemera and maybe more pages.

Now I have my art supplies and sketchbook sorted out, I will throw in a few clothes too!

Happy Wednesday x